Wellness tourism

"Enhancing our traveller’s personal wellbeing"

Tale of tours wish to keep up with their healthy lifestyles by sustainability, authenticity and a personal approach. The fastest growing segment of the global tourism market has an increased interest in transformative experiences, digital detox, outdoor activities and sleep enhancement. We have Inner wellness tourism which aims to enhance the emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of travellers and physical wellness tourism includes visits to a spa and a variety of treatments, like beauty treatments, massages, detoxification and thalassotherapy. So, book with us and we will take care of you.

Adventure tourism

"Wild and free"

Tale of tours adventure tourism is about connecting with a new culture, a new landscape and being physically active at the same time. It is very popular among all ages and gains much of its excitement by allowing our tourists to step outside their comfort zone. Our list of activities has plenty of options if you aren't necessarily a thrill seeker. If you are an adrenaline junkie, don't worry we still have a few ideas for your next trip.Discover the feel of thrill by booking your adventure theme package with tale of tours.

Pleasure trips

A Plan for your " No fixed schedule"

Tale of tours present you the best pleasure vacations by understanding your interest. Our main objective is to get a break for our travellers from their daily environment, to relax and relieve stress and to have no fixed schedule. We look forward to do something fresh and different from others, so that our travellers can discover the best experience ever. .

Family tourism

"Family is not an important thing, it's everything"

Tale of two features the list of top family holiday packages around the world. Be it any part of the country or any season of the year our packages give you the best options of embarking on an enjoyable family vacation. Our services involve nurturing family ties. Our key goal of the trip is to keep family ties alive, to enrich the traveller’s relationship with their spouse and children, to create lasting memories and to renew personal connections.

Friends tourism

"Nothing can beat the memories of an expedition enjoyed with friends"

At tale of tours, we understand that how a trip taken with friends can add happiness to your life. Traveling with your best tribe leaves you with a bouquet of beautiful memories that you and your friends can cherish for a lifetime Hence, we have come up with diligently crafted friends tour packages that offer you ample opportunities to experience the utmost craziness and some really adventurous tales together with your best buddies.

Sports tourism

"Participate in competitive sport."

Sports tourism is an absolute must for all the thrill and adventure seekers. Our holidays are a wonderful getaway for sport enthusiasts and offer a range of opportunities to test out their sporting skills! We have customized and highly recommended sports tour packages where you can enjoy on air, land and water or whatsoever form of adventure sports. Don’t wait to participate, book your slots with us.